Dust scattering prevention sheet
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Dust scattering prevention sheet

  • Simple structure for ceiling and floor support by poles.
    (No stepladders required for installation)
  • Complete separation from ceiling to floor by sheet.
  • Because rental and reuse are possible, industrial waste is eliminated.
  • The height of the available ceiling is 1,800 ㎜ - 4,900 ㎜.
  • Sheet width: 3 types of 1,800/900 ㎜/450 ㎜ (Width adjustment sheet included.)
  • Corner section: 3 types of 450㎜*450㎜
Dust scattering prevention sheet
  1. Simple, quick installations. Supports ceilings and floors by poles.
    (※No stepladders required.)
  2. No dust (Complete separation from ceiling to floor by sheet.)
  3. No disposal costs, suitable for conversion.
    (Reusable as a rental, waste is eliminated.)
  4. Doorway installation available. (Opening and closing flexibility with zipper.)
  5. The three length types allow for an easy response to ceiling level differences caused by obstructions.Slide Panel
Installation of dust scattering prevention sheet (movie)
Installation demonstration of the dust scattering prevention sheet

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Actual construction example
Actual construction example
Sheet washing machine 
(Exclusive washing machine for dust scattering prevention sheet)
We wash and maintain dust scattering prevention sheets in-house.
Sheet washing machine