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The industry's first! Temporary partitioning (extendable) system rental available.In the conventional construction method, a protective covering was necessary during construction and dismantling, and there was also the matter of disposal costs after dismantling.The height of the available ceiling is 2,000㎜- 4,000㎜.
Seven features
  • Eco-friendly product reusability.
  • Protective covering unnecessary during construction.
  • Quick installation, quick dismantling.
  • Shuts out dust during construction and dismantling.
  • Zero emissions from waste and scrap wood, no disposal costs after dismantling.
Seven features
  1. Because flame retardant materials are used, fire prevention measures are secure. (※Use galvalume plate.)
  2. Shuts out mine dust by use of a dust cover.(Sheet covering is unnecessary.)
  3. Industrial waste is not generated.(No disposal costs.)
  4. Slide method of construction using a lightweight steel sheet.(Construction is simple and quick)
  5. Width is also flexible with an adjustment cover.(The height of the available ceiling is 1,845㎜ - 4,000㎜.)
  6. Doorway installation is available.(Includes a special key.)
  7. Attractive appearance with (ion coated) matting steel plate.
※ Galvalume plate
This is an aluminum-zinc alloy plating steel sheet developed by American Bethlehem Steel Corp. The plating composition consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.65% silicon and offers the long-term durability of aluminum and rust prevention action, as well as the self-restoring action of zinc. Depending on the use environment, due to the superior processing of the galvanized iron plate (Z27) steel sheet, durability of 3-6 times can be expected.
slide panel materials
Two door types, a slide door (photo on the left) and a single swing (photo on the right) are available.
Material table
Slide panel assembling procedure
Slide panel installation demonstration

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Construction Example
Railway - Keio Line Hatagaya Station Temporary ticket vendor installation Construction length: 10m, 30days.
Keio Line Hatagaya Station construction results
School - Kami-Nagaya Junior High School (two photos on left) Earthquake reinforcement. For a construction project in the school, this method was adopted from the aspects of safety, short installation period and appearance.
Hodogaya School for handicapped children (two photos on right) Elevator construction for each floor.
Earthquake reinforcement,construction results
Bank - UFJ Bank Limited office partitioning
Construction results of UFJ Bank Limited
Cafe - Claightons Cafe Shibuya Tokyu Department Store 1F
Construction results of Claightons Cafe
Amusement facilities - The PIA Yokohama Ramen Museum Temporary wall for reception desk counter facilities installation (two photos on left)
Shinjuku Central Hotel 1F Repair work in the game arcade (two photos on right)
Construction results
Airport detention center - Tokyo Immigration Bureau (Ushiku) Temporary detention center for illegal aliens at Narita Airport/partitioning by wall construction for corridor expansion over the entire length of the building
Construction results of Tokyo Immigration Bureau
Shopping center - Sunshine 60 Sealed shut for remodeling in stores Construction length: 7.8 m, nine days (two photos on left)
Yokohama Vivre Multi-store remodeling construction (photos on right) 
remodeling in stores,Multi-storeremodeling construction
Hospital - Sagamihara Hospital Sagamihara Hospital smoking area and nurse station dust-prevention installation Construction length: 9.7 m, 90 days
Construction results of Sagamino Hospital
Construction results
Construction results
Construction results
Renewal construction
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